Open Source PHP Script

Etano can be used to start up a dating site, a social networking site or any type of site involving groups of people.

Etano is a free open source project that's Unencrypted and Unencoded. That's right, you get the full source code allowing you the freedom to modify the script and customize it however you want.


Some free addons for Etano that can also be downloaded from the Google Drive Repository.


  • Random Items - Upgrades existing widgets to let you display random items (members/photos/etc). For members you can choose to display only random males/females/etc. Check the documentation for usage examples.
  • Check to Approve - Checks if the admin has something to approve on site and sends a notification email if so.
  • Link Field - With this custom field users are enabled to enter links to other websites into their profile. Use it in fields like "my site", "my portofolio", "my favorite website", "my company", etc.
  • Required Location Field - With the current location field only the country is considered mandatory when you set this field as required. It is up to the member to select a state and city. With this new location field all 3 selects are mandatory: a user has to select the country and the state and the city otherwise they won't be allowed to submit the form.
  • Skype Field - With this custom field users can save their Skype name into their profile and visitors would be able to call them on Skype, directly from your own site. The status of the user (online/offline on Skype) is also displayed with a nice Skype-like graphic.
  • Yahoo IM Field - With this custom field users can save their Yahoo ID into their profile and visitors would be able to send them Yahoo instant messages, directly from your own site. The status of the user (online/offline on Yahoo IM) is also displayed.

PDF Guides & Instructions

There are also some PDF instruction files available in the Google Drive Repository for Etano.


  • Etano Installation Guide - A basic guide on installing the Etano script and setting up cron jobs in cPanel.
    Also refer to the Online Documenation & User Manual
  • Customizing The Main Index Page - A brief tutorial on how to make some basic changes to custom brand your site, such as changing the description box background image (Penguins) as well as the text.
  • Creating Custom Pages - How to create new custom pages for your Etano site.
  • Etano Template Basics - A brief guide on how the template is basically structured and where most of the basic files can be located. The purpose of the guide is not to teach you HTML or CSS, or to try and explain every bit of code. If you have a good understanding and skills in HTML and CSS skills then this guide should be helpful in enabling you to do some basic customizations.
  • Etano Meta Tags - The Basics On How Titles and Meta Tags Work In Etano.

Maverick Web Works

Maverick Web Works is a 3rd party developer that offers several premium templates as well as some mods for the Etano script. The templates are more than just a new design, they also include some additional features. Each template comes with a comprehensive instruction manual in HTML format to make it easy to view and follow, includes step by step detailed instructions for installing the template as well as editing and customizing the basic elements of the template. Also available are a Top Friends and Comment Boards mods, as well as an astro compatibility system that provides a unique and entertaining means for your members to determine a basic level of compatibility between each other.


CometChat is Facebook style footer chat system that allows your site users to chat with each other (all online members or just only those you are friends with) in real-time. Your users can also chat with their Facebook/Gtalk friends seamlessly from the CometChat bar. CometChat also has a free integration module for Etano which saves money by otherwise having the need for them do a custom integration.