General : How to tell if your partner is cheating

A cheating partner is something most of us worry about, however not everyone cheats and sometimes these worries are unfounded.

Here are some key signs:
1. Pay attention to changes in their normal routine. Such as they are coming home from work later than usual on a more frequent basis.

2. Do they allow you to touch, or look through their phone, emails, etc.? If your partner is hiding their phone from you, or deleting all their messages before letting you have it, then there's something they don't want you to see.

3. If they frequently leave the room to take calls. If you ask whom called or texted them, they often tell you "It's nobody?" This may suggest that they have something to hide.

4. Have they become moody suddenly, and eager to start fights? Sometimes, a cheating lover will displace his or her shame, anger, and guilt onto you by starting a fight, which can then be blamed on you.

5. Have they stopped talking to you? Did they always have something to say and suddenly become distant? This may be because your partner has started becoming intimate with someone else.

6. When you talk to your partners friends, do they seem anxious, nervous, or eager to leave? They probably know something you don't know.

7. Does he smell different when he comes near you? If he's frequently smelling like a perfume that you don't wear, then he's been too close with someone else.

8. Does your partner become angry when you come over unannounced, or only text you when they are at home and rarely calls you? For some reason, they do not want you at their home at certain times, and they do not want to call you while they are at home.

9. Watch for frequent unexplained bills or receipts for meals purchased for two people, or for flowers or jewelry you didn't receive.

10. Pay attention to whether he has to "clean up" before letting you into his house, room, or car. If an earring is lying in the passenger side of his car, or a condom is behind their bed, extra time will probably be taken to dispose of those items.
Posted by southern_belle on 03/09/2014 11:51 PM

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serenity is offline serenity said on 03/10/2014 12:14 AM :
Informative Post!

I've used some of these techniques before to discover that a past boyfriend was cheating.

beachcomber is offline beachcomber said on 03/25/2016 04:00 PM :
Nobody likes a cheater

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