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 +====== Flashchat Bridge ======
 +To install the flashchat bridge you need to follow these steps:
 +  - Buy FlashChat from http://​
 +  - Unzip the package you downloaded from them.
 +  - Move the "​chat"​ folder from the archive to "<​site root>/​3rdparty/"​ and rename it '​flashchat'​. (You should have now on your server <site root>/​3rdparty/​flashchat,​ <site root>/​3rdparty/​flashchat/​inc,​ etc)
 +  - Install flashchat. Use the same database as your Etano database. Follow all steps required by flashchat and make sure flashchat is working.
 +  - If you downloaded the flashchat bridge from the Datemill server you need to copy the archive to <site root>/​tmp/​packages. No need to unzip the package.
 +  - Go to your admin panel - package manager and click on install next to Flashchat Bridge integration addon and follow the steps in the installer.
 +Once Flashchat and the bridge are installed you need to put the link to the chatroom somewhere in your pages. The link is in the form http://​​3rdparty/​flashchat/​flashchat_etano.php
 +If you want us to install Flashchat and the bridge for you we need:
 +  - Your ftp user/pass to transfer the files
 +  - Your admin panel user/pass
 +  - The Flashchat license number as a proof of purchase or the flashchat package saved somewhere on the server.
 +  - Obviously you need to purchase (or pay for) the flashchat bridge from us.
 +  - The fee for 30 minutes of work.
 +  - You can pay using the custom payment form on http://​​purchase.php
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