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This will send out a newsletter to the email address of all members that have opted to receive newsletters in their Account "My Settings" section. By default All members have this checked, in order to opt-out they must un-check this if they don't wish to receive newsletters.


If you have thousands of members it's not recommended that you use the newsletter feature as it sends bulk emails to your members directly from your site or server. With all the anti-spam regulations and restrictions being imposed these days this can have potential risks of getting your domain added to blacklists for spamming, and possibly even getting your site shutdown by your host.

Most hosts (especially on shared hosting plans) put restrictions on their email systems which limits the number of emails that you can send at once. You probably won’t even know when you've reached the limit, your emails simply won't go through.

Most businesses these days use email services such as for sending bulk or mass newsletters, these services have build a reputation and rapport with most major email hosts that allows them to send mass newsletters on your behalf so you don't get blacklisted for spamming.

Suspending & Deleting Members

Suspending a Member :

Suspending a member retains their account and just doesn't allow them to login and use their account. This option is ideal if you just want to temporarily punish a member.

To suspend a member, in the admin panel go to the Content Management » Members section, then browse or search for the member you want to delete then click on on their image or the "View" link.

You will then see a menu of a list of account "Actions" you can perform for the member. Change their "Account Status" to "Suspended" and click the "Set: button.

Deleting a Member :

WARNING! - deleting a member removes their entire account from the system and is not reversible.

To delete a member, in the admin panel go to the Content Management » Members section, then browse or search for the member you want to delete then click on on their image or the "View" link.

You will then see a menu of a list of account "Actions" you can perform for the member. To delete the member click the "Mark for deletion" link in the menu. This will change their "Account Status" to "Suspended" and also change the "Mark for deletion" link to "Unmark for deletion" just in case you made a mistake.

Note: members marked for deletion are deleted automatically by the system every 2 hours.
If you want to immediately delete members, under the Content Management menu click the Delete Members now! link. This will instantly delete any and all members that were marked for deletion.

You can also mass delete multiple members at once, browse members and check the ones you want to delete. All the selected members will be "Marked for deletion".

Most times when you browse members you will want the "newest members" to show first, if you would prefer to have the "newset members" displayed by default instead of "alphabetically", here's how:

Open the admin/member_results.php file

On or about line 27 locate the following line of code …

$sortby=(isset($_GET['sortby']) && isset($sorts[(int)$_GET['sortby']])) ? (int)$_GET['sortby'] : 0;

Change the 0 at the end to a 2 as shown below …

$sortby=(isset($_GET['sortby']) && isset($sorts[(int)$_GET['sortby']])) ? (int)$_GET['sortby'] : 2;

Manually Upgrading Members

To manually upgrade a member's membership from the admin panel, go to the Content Management » Members section, then browse or search for the member you want to upgrade then click on on their image or the "View" link.

In the member's Actions panel click the Change Membership link.

Member & Content Management

One of the key aspects of Member & Content Management is the ability to manually approve such items as member profiles, photos, blog post and comments. This allows you to review various items which will only appear on the site once you have approved them.

Although doing manual approvals may seem like a good idea and even necessary sometimes, it's important to note that it will also require more time and effort managing your site, especially as your site becomes increasingly more active.

You can select which items you want to manually approve in the Admin » General Settings » Features & Options section.

If you decide to do any manual approvals it's highly recommended that you also install the check2approve addon from the Etano Downloads
This addon checks if the admin has something to approve on the site and sends a notification email to the administrator.

To approve items or to check what items need to be approved, select an item from the menu:

Than select the "Awaiting approval" link:

You will then have the option to approve or reject them.

Administrators Management

The administrator can create additional administrators or moderators.

Administrators have full access to the entire admin panel and all features, moderators only have access to member management features.

In the admin menu click the "Site Admins" link:

To create a new administrator or moderator click the "Add new" link:

Then fill out the details:

Then send your new administrator or moderator their account login details.

Administrators can edit administrator or moderator accounts and change their password, email address, or even suspend an account, etc.

It's possible to extend what moderators have access to, the following links to topics in the Datemill Forums will provide some tips on how this can be accomplished:
live activity access for moderators and Link Colors & Moderator Access

Banned Members

This feature was originally created as a means to ban spammers from the site. Banning a member bans them from the site and they will be presented with a blank page when they attempt to login, this is because they have been banned from the site, not just banned from accessing their account. Using this feature to ban an existing member's email address for example has the potential of producing errors in your admin error logs, such as "Undefined index: email" errors. These errors generally don't mean much other than they are annoying to constantly see them in your logs.

Banning email addresses is meant more for known spammers. Once you have deleted a member you can ban their email address so they can't use it again to sign up. Although this often tends to be nothing more than a minor inconvenience and a total waste of time as spammers typically have multiple email addresses they use for registering on sites.

In most cases this feature isn't very practical for banning existing members and is best to just "Suspend" or "Delete" the member.
Suspending & Deleting Members

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