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 +====== Flashchat Bridge ======
 +To install the flashchat bridge you need to follow these steps:
 +  - Buy FlashChat from http://​
 +  - Unzip the package you downloaded from them.
 +  - Move the "​chat"​ folder from the archive to "<​site root>/​3rdparty/"​ and rename it '​flashchat'​. (You should have now on your server <site root>/​3rdparty/​flashchat,​ <site root>/​3rdparty/​flashchat/​inc,​ etc)
 +  - Install flashchat. Use the same database as your Etano database. Follow all steps required by flashchat and make sure flashchat is working.
 +  - If you downloaded the flashchat bridge from the Datemill server you need to copy the archive to <site root>/​tmp/​packages. No need to unzip the package.
 +  - Go to your admin panel - package manager and click on install next to Flashchat Bridge integration addon and follow the steps in the installer.
 +  - Now go to admin panel - Access Levels. You have a new access level here: "​chatroom"​. Adjust the access for the level as you wish and click on Save. Even if you do not need to adjust the levels you have to click on the Save button to regenerate the access level cache.
 +Once Flashchat and the bridge are installed you need to put the link to the chatroom somewhere in your pages. The link is in the form http://​​3rdparty/​flashchat/​flashchat_etano.php
 +If you want us to install Flashchat and the bridge for you we need:
 +  - Your ftp user/pass to transfer the files
 +  - Your admin panel user/pass
 +  - The Flashchat license number as a proof of purchase or the flashchat package saved somewhere on the server.
 +  - Obviously you need to purchase (or pay for) the flashchat bridge from us.
 +  - The fee for 30 minutes of work.
 +  - You can pay using the custom payment form on http://​​purchase.php. You can find our current fees there too.
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