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 ==== Step 2 ==== ==== Step 2 ====
-Transfer (upload) all the files from your old server to your new server.+Transfer (upload) all the files from your old server to your new server. You should delete everything in the "​cache2"​ folder except for the blank index.html file. When you have uploaded and completed all the steps you will need to regenerate your skins in the admin which will regenerate the members in the "​cache2"​ folder.
 ==== Step 3 ==== ==== Step 3 ====
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 **See:** [[setting_up_the_etano_cron_job_in_cpanel|Setting up the Etano Cron Job in cPanel]] **See:** [[setting_up_the_etano_cron_job_in_cpanel|Setting up the Etano Cron Job in cPanel]]
 +Then go to your Etano admin "Skin Settings"​ section and regenerate your skin.
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