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 ====== phpBB3 Bridge ====== ====== phpBB3 Bridge ======
-Note: phpBB3 Bridge is just that: an auto-login bridge. Members who are logged in on the main site are auto-logged in the forum too. There'​s no other integration provided. You will have to take care (if needed) of the links to profile, contact, logout, etc provided by phpBB3. +**No longer available!**
-A deep integration between Etano and phpBB3 is possible but not in the form of a ready made plugin. ​  +
- +
-To install the phpBB3 bridge you need to follow these steps: +
-  - Download phpBB3 from http://​ +
-  - Unzip the package you downloaded from them. +
-  - Move the "​phpBB3"​ folder from the archive to "<​site root>/​3rdparty/"​. (You should have now on your server <site root>/​3rdparty/​phpBB3,​ <site root>/​3rdparty/​phpBB3/​admin,​ etc). Note that the letter case is very important: the two BB letters in "​phpBB"​ must be capital letters. +
-  - Install phpBB3. We recommend you to use a separate database from Etano to keep things clean and not overload the database. Follow all steps required by phpBB3 and make sure phpBB3 is working. However, the user used by your Etano site must be the same one used by the phpBB3 forum. +
-  - If you downloaded the phpBB3 bridge from the Datemill server you need to copy the archive to <site root>/​tmp/​packages. ​No need to unzip the package. +
-  - Go to your admin panel - Package Manager and click on install next to phpBB3 Bridge integration addon and follow the steps in the installer. +
-  - Go to your admin panel - Access Levels. You have a new access level here: "​forum"​. Adjust the access for the level as you wish and click on Save. Even if you do not need to adjust the levels you have to click on the Save button to regenerate the access level cache. The bridge will log the user in your main site but it won't create the user or log it into phpbb3 if you forget this step. +
-  - Go to your main site and login once as the user you set as admin in phpBB3. This would create the admin user in the phpBB3 database, allowing you to administrate the forum. +
- +
-Once phpBB3 and the bridge are installed you need to put the link to the forum somewhere in your pages. The link is in the form http://​​3rdparty/​phpBB3. +
- +
-Note that the bridge creates the users in the phpBB3 database after they login for the first time in Etano. So if your phpBB3 member list page doesn'​t match your site's member list you should know that this is not a bug - every member has to login once in order for them to exist in the phpBB3 database. +
- +
-Note that impersonating a user from admin panel will not auto login the respective user in phpbb3, nor will it create the user in the phpBB3 database if it doesn'​t exist. +
- +
----- +
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