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 ====== Upgrading from regular Location Field to Required Location Field ====== ====== Upgrading from regular Location Field to Required Location Field ======
-If you would like to change your current ​Location ​Field for all members ​without loosing ​the information they entered into that field then you need to run the following SQL statement against your database:\\+**NOTE:​** ​If you have installed Etano version 2.6 or higher this upgrade is already included. 
 +the '​Required ​Location' mod updates the existing profile field location and makes ALL location fields "​required"​ including country/​state/​city. If the database has no states or cities listed ​for a particular country then only the country is required, if only states are listed for a particular country but there are no cities listed and associated with the states, then only the country and state is required, it only loads selections for what is found in the database. 
 +Installation is the same for any other addon.\\ 
 +1. Download the **** file from the Etano Project Repository at  
 +[[https://​​drive/​folders/​0B5GPLc5dytbhUHltaG12cHEzMDA]] and upload it to your server into the **tmp/​packages** folder. DO NOT unzip it.\\ 
 +2. In your admin panel go to the "​Package Manager"​ page. You should see the addon listed there with an "​install"​ link next to it. \\ 
 +3. Click on install and follow the instructions on screen if any.\\ 
 +If you already have members ​and are upgrading the profile field location and don't want to lose the information they have already ​entered into that field then you should ​run the following SQL statement against your database:\\
 \\ \\
 ''​UPDATE `dsb_profile_fields2` SET `field_type`='​field_loc_req'​ WHERE `field_type`='​field_location'''​\\ ''​UPDATE `dsb_profile_fields2` SET `field_type`='​field_loc_req'​ WHERE `field_type`='​field_location'''​\\
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