Open Source PHP Script

Etano can be used to start up a dating site, a social networking site or any type of site involving groups of people.

Etano is a free open source project that's Unencrypted and Unencoded. That's right, you get the full source code allowing you the freedom to modify the script and customize it however you want.

General Features

  • Image Watermark - customizable text to stamp images with. Ability to turn the feature on/off.
  • Captcha Support - all forms available to non-members can be protected by a text-image to prevent spam or auto signups.
  • Modular Design - support for plugins and basic widgets.
  • Backup Database - one click backup process for your database containing precious member data.
  • Template Based - the design of the site stays separate from coding. Your designer can do their job without affecting the developers or vice-versa.
  • CSS Based Design - modern, CSS based design, table-less.
  • Cache - to support high-volume sites, most of the data is cached. Instead of accessing the database for every request, data is fetched from the cache for faster delivery and low database load.
  • Smart Cron Jobs - there are a lot of periodic maintenance jobs that need to run to keep the site running smooth. Still, you will have to setup only 1 job, 1 time.
  • Unencrypted, Unencoded - that's right, you get the full source code so you can make your own changes to the script if needed.

User Features

  • Photos - unlimited number of photos, public or private. Ajax photo rating. Ability to leave comments on photos.
  • Saved Searches - members can store their favorite search criteria to easily make the same searches later. They can also receive alerts based on the searches and they can make one of the searches the default search.
  • Profile Search - ability to search by any field, distance, location (country, state, city). Basic and advanced search forms available.
  • Advanced Mailbox System - member to member messages and flirts. User mail folders and message routing (i.e all messages from "John" should go to "folder 1" and all messages from "Mary" should go to "folder 2"). Outbox support, Spambox (junk folder) support. Ability to save message drafts to easily send the same message to more members.
  • User Preferences - members can set their own preferences of how they use the site, who can see their photos, blogs, turn on/off comments on their profiles/photos/blogs, set their timezone.
  • Blogs - personal blogs for each member. Quick access to latest blogs, most popular blogs, most viewed. Ability to search by keywords.
  • Comments - members can leave comments on other members profiles, photos and on blog posts.
  • Member Networks - members can add other members to their network of friends, favorites, etc.
  • Block Member - members can block other members from contacting them in any way.

Administrator features

  • Profile Fields/Questions - create unlimited custom profile fields as well as categories (basic profile, physical, education, etc). Ability to divide the fields/questions into categories. Customizable number of registration pages. Complete control over the visibility, editability, searchability of profile fields.
  • Administrators/Moderators - can have 2 types of admins: full administrators with access to all admin panel and moderators which have access only to member management features.
  • Screening - can choose between auto-approval of profiles / photos / blogs / comments or manual approval by moderators.
  • Customizable Flirts - define any number of flirts. Flirts can contain text, images, flash. There are 2 types of flirts: the hellos and replies.
  • Membership Management - full control over memberships, access to features, subscription plans, prices. Supports trial memberships and auto-subscriptions.
  • Rate Limiter - ability to limit the number of messages, flirts, etc a member can make per minute/hour/day/month. Also useful to limit the number of failed logins a member is allowed during a certain interval.
  • Ban Members - disallow access to your site per IP address / username. Combined with the rate limiter feature above you could effectively prevent spammers and hackers from accessing your site.
  • PayPal Integration - you can setup PayPal to collect payments for memberships.
  • Live Activity Monitor - see in real time what users are doing on your site.
  • Impersonate User - allows an administrator to login as a certain member to help them solve a problem. This feature allows the admin 1 click access to a user's account.
  • Bulk Actions - an admin can bulk approve / suspend / delete members
  • Payment History - can view all payments made during a time interval, see totals, transaction numbers, etc.
  • Banned Words - prevent your members from using indecent language in their profiles, blogs, comments, messages.
  • Location Management - the default application comes with some states, cities and zipcodes included. You can easily extend the default list to include the counties and cities from your country if the default application doesn't have them already.